Price per photo:

1 x Standard Professional Photo = £15.

1 x Retouching Professional Photo = £15.


Price per hour:

1-hour Studio Photoshoot = £150


▪︎ According to your type of product we can offer you a standard professional photoshoot by photo or by the hour. Get in touch with our consultant today for a personalised quote.


▪︎ Our studio is equipped with product specific lighting setup.


▪︎ Standard photos are made on pure White Background. On request, we can use coloured backgrounds for your photos.


▪︎ We can shoot photos from various angles: front, top, back and sides, with an accent on details if needed, in order to put a shine on each and every product you may have.


▪︎ By enquiring about our professional retouching service, we can edit your photos according to your needs, like adding shadows and reflections where appropriate, various colour corrections or another type of editing.


▪︎ All your products are cleaned and prepared before every photo shoot.


▪︎ Your photos will reflect the product as it appears to the consumer. (shape, appearance, colours and writings exactly as they are on the real-life product)


▪︎ Files will be received online in digital format, high and web resolution delivered.

Once ready, you will be provided with a link to download a preview. If you are happy with the results we will remove the watermark and send you the link to download your order.



Price per Hour or per Project:


Video editing

  • Importing video and other source material, logging and identifying selects
  • Rough cut
  • Input and revisions
  • Color enhancement and sound mix
  • Final review and delivery of compressed video.

For video editing, there is no industry standard when it comes to pricing. It all depends on the complexity of your project – the amount of editing of both music and video, and the number/type of effects.

As our client, you know what kind of footage you have or you may want and what the project scope is. Share that with us so we can then estimate the hours it will take us and calculate your rate based upon our actual labour costs, and other factors that we always take into account, like buying materials, props etc. and come up with a price for you.

Social Media 30 sec Promo Video creation = £100. 

(video editing/animated/other)