Are you trying to establish and build a brand? What does your business? What do you do? How do you do it better than anyone else?

Now that you’ve answered yourself at all of these questions and you know for sure what you want and what are you aiming for it’s time to make a difference.

Building a strong brand follows certain steps:

  1. Define why you’re in business.
  2. Consider what you want people to think when they hear your name.
  3. Think about the words you want people to use when defining your business.
  4. Pinpoint the advantages you want people to associate with your business.
  5. Define your brand.
  6. Build your brand through every impression that you make.

Once you followed all these steps and you know the brand image that you want to project don’t try to change your brand image unless you’re certain that this image its no longer appropriate for the market.

Your brand is the public representation of your business, so stick with the brand you build. Set a goal and follow your passion. Be consistent and commit to discipline.

When people see your logo or hear your name a set of images arises. Those images define your brand in their mind.

Look at your business through a customer’s or prospect’s eyes as you define your brand.

Who to call for help:

A copyrighter – writes headlines and text.

A designer – graphic artist – arranges headlines, text and art elements so they are visually appealing.

A producer – if you are creating a broadcast ad, a video, or a multimedia presentation.

A web designer – development of site visuals, content and navigation.

An agency or marketing firm – handles entire campaigns, from strategic and concept development through design, copywriting, production management and implementation of printing, advertising and digital communications.

At Vere Design we can offer you all of these services. Brand Identity Packages available. We create customized solutions for our clients when producing materials for their businesses in the most professional way possible.

Creative people and agencies lose enthusiasm quickly when clients over-manage and stifle the creative process. If you want to attract great work to your project allow the specialists the creative freedom to do amazing work on your behalf.

Stay involved. A direct correlation exists between great agency work and great interest at the top levels of the client organization. Be open to ideas and be constructive with your criticism.

Shape you business’s future!

Content Source: Small Business Marketing for Dummies.


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